Wireless Car Door Logo Projector Lights (2 pieces)

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No more guessing if you’re parked over a puddle or not!

Make your car more unique by getting this set of two Car Door Logo Projector Lights. 

These Wireless Car Door Projector Lights re-define the “puddle light”.
At night, these Car Door Lights help you see what you are about to step into when opening your vehicle’s door, so say goodbye to wet feet when getting out of your car into a puddle!

100% Satisfaction guarantee!

We've got lots of different logos so pick your car's brand and get yours NOW!


  • 3x PCS AAA batteries
  • AC lens
  • The logo will be projected onto the ground when the door opens
  • This package contains TWO Logo Projectors, 1 for the left and 1 for the right door
  • Easy installation: just stick it to your door panel!

✈ The estimated delivery time is 7-14 business days